This is an event held on Monday, 24th September 2012 which was attended by the stake holders, BOC, BOD of PT. Asano Gear Indonesia’s as well as  PT.Inti Ganda Perdana’s BOD, member of Asano Gear Japan and invited guests that mostly are from public figures of local community.

At this opportunity, Mr. Burhan Jamil Abdullah as a Project Leader and the Plant AGI Division Head said that the development of PT. Asano Gear Indonesia Karawang Plant has the goal to accomodate localization and new project especially 640A which has planned to begin its mass-producing in January 2014. It is also to get it closer to customer’s location which is not more than 10 kilometers from TMMIN, Karawang and located exactly the same with IGP Plant Karawang.

Mr. T. Tokui as the President Director of PT. Asano Gear Indonesia said, “We can now have a new bright and dream own home here, and we will open the historical page of AGI. It requires more effort to reach high level of safety, quality and keep everything just in times”. The speech continued afterward by Mr. Y. Nakawaki as the President Commisary PT. Asano Gear Indonesia who said that establishment of this new plant of PT. Asano Gear Indonesia Plant Karawang is an answer to the BOD IGP’s question about the future of AGI especially on the differential of FR car and put his hope on this new plant to be able to strengthen the integrity between Asano Gear Japan and Asano Gear Indonesia so both of them will be able to become a producer of units or components with the highest productivity in Asia.

To officially mark the beginning of PT. Asano Gear Indonesia Plant Karawang building, Mr. T. Tokui, Mr. Gustav A. Husein & Mr. Y. Nakawaki pressed the serene together as a symbolic ceremony. As it was pressed, the first main pillar also planted in to this 2,4 hectare site ground with 1,2 hectare building which is planned to finish on year 2016.

Afterward, the ceremony continued with a picture rolling down on the billboard after a button pressed by Ms. Venantia Chandrawati. She also opened market cover together with Mr. Burhan Jamil Abdullah. This ceremony ended by slicing a mountain-like yellow rice (tumpeng) by Mr. T. Tokui which given to Mr. Y. Nakawaki, and another slice was given by Ms. Venantia Chandrawati to Mr. Chiaya as the Project Owner of PT. Asano Gear Indonesia Karawang Plant building as a symbol of good fortune and good will. Congratulation PT. Asano Gear Indonesia!